boating holidays

A boating holiday is great for the novice or the experienced sailor. The waterways of the United Kingdom are unquestionably glorious and peaceful – a fantastic way to spend a weekend or a week. Whether the traveler has their own boat already and needs advice on waterways and channels to travel, or is looking to find a crewed boat for the trip, there are multiple options available to the UK market.

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Canal boat holidays are extremely popular due to the miles and miles of beautiful waterways all around the country. To rent a boat, there are numerous companies to choose from. offers a great collection of links to rental Web sites ( With some training, a small group of people can easily man a canal boat through locks and waterways.

For the higher-end, staffed barge cruise, try the company Hotel Barges ( who advertise “Luxury Cruises on the European Waterways”. They offer barge cruises in a staffed boat which allows travellers to sit back and watch the world go by.

Taking cruiser boats through the rivers and waters of the United Kingdom is also a wonderful way to holiday. For the experienced sailor, the boat does not have to be staffed, but for anyone who is green on the water, at least a one-person crew is recommended. Cruiser boats are significantly harder than barges to control and operate.

The “Afloat” sections of Holidays in the UK’s Web site ( offer many different examples of cruiser options, explanations of how the holiday works and the ability to book a holiday online. ( also has a great selection on their boating page for booking holidays. Another excellent resource is Waterways UK ( who provide free brochures and resources for the interested traveler.

For sailing holidays on the sea, even more skill is needed and for the beginner sailor and it is not recommended to sail without a crew. Classic Sailing ( offers excellent sailing holidays around the British Isles, as does Trinity Sailing ( In fact, there are many companies and Web sites to choose your sailing holiday from – shop around for the best options and prices.

Choosing to take a boating or sailing holiday in the United Kingdom is a different and wonderful way to see Britain. Enjoy a friendly camaraderie with fellow sailors, learn how to operate a barge or boat, and casually explore parts of the country that would otherwise remain unseen.

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